Juan ponce de leon

Ponce de Leon and his crew encountered some natives along the way. Arabic and Aljamiado versions of the Alexander Romance were very popular in Spain during and after the period of Moorish ruleand would have been known to the explorers who journeyed to America.

The Timeline of Juan Ponce de Leon: Here's How Things Went Down

It was this Boinca that originally held a legendary fountain of youth, rather than Bimini itself. The plan was to set up a farming colony. Since he had discovered this country of lavish landscape and beautiful beaches, he was entitled to name it. Williams, a British horticulturalist, with cash and diamonds, for which she became known in St.

They were approached by Calusawho might have been initially interested in trading but relations soon turned hostile. Failing to take into account the powerful currents pushing them eastward, they struck the northeast shore of Cuba and were initially confused about their location.

He received an education in fighting skills, manners, and religion while serving a knight named Pedro Nunez de Guzman, and later helped in the ten-year conquest of the Muslim kingdom of Granada in southern Spain. In addition to the post, Ovando also awarded him a substantial land grant along with sufficient Indian labor, to farm his new estate.

Capstone Press,7. Check new design of our homepage! These burials eventually pointed to the Park as the location of the first Christian mission in the United States.

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Before the settlement could be established, the colonists were attacked by a large party of native Calusa warriors. His military skills were put to the test in when he went off to the Kingdom of Granada to fight against the Muslim Moors. As he and his men explored inland for wood and fresh water, they saw the Calusa tribal village at Mound Key.

From these islands they sailed southwest in an apparent attempt to circle around Cuba and return home to Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, there had been at least two unauthorized voyages to "his" Florida both ending in repulsion by the native Calusa Tequesta warriors.

During outgoing tides, these channels pump cool, mineral-laden fresh water into the pool. In addition to the usual directions for sharing gold and other valuables with the king, the contract was one of the first to stipulate that the Requerimiento was to be read to the inhabitants of the islands prior to their conquest.

Indians spoke of a legendary, magical spring whose water was believed to make older people young again. The Rosen Publishing Group, He was a Spanish explorer who became the first governor of Puerto Rico, the first European known to reach the mainland of present day United States, and he gave Florida its name.

Juan Ponce de León

The Spaniards retreated to Havana, Cuba. He had three daughters — Juana, Isabel, and Maria; and a son named Luis. Anton de Alaminos was their chief pilot. On April 8 they encountered a current so strong that it pushed them backwards and forced them to seek anchorage. In late March ofhis ships landed on Florida's east coast near present-day St.Juan Ponce de León () was a Spanish conquistador and explorer.

He was active in the Caribbean in the early part of the 16th century. His name is usually associated with the exploration of Puerto Rico and Florida.

Nov 09,  · Watch video · Born into Spanish nobility, Juan Ponce de León () may have accompanied Christopher Columbus on his voyage to the New World.

Fountain of Youth

A decade later, he was serving as governor of the eastern. Juan Ponce de León, (born ?, Santervás de Campos, Valladolid, León [Spain]—diedHavana, Cuba), Spanish explorer who founded the first European settlement on Puerto Rico and who is credited with being the first European to reach Florida ().

The Fountain of Youth is a spring that supposedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters. By the time of Ponce de Leon, the land was thought to be located northwest towards the Bahamas In the 16th century the story of the Fountain of Youth became attached to the biography of the conquistador Juan Ponce de León.

Juan Ponce de Leon was born in the Spanish kingdom of Castile around the year While still a young boy, Juan went to work as a squire for a knight named Don Pedro Nunez de Guzman.

As a squire, he helped take care of the knight's armor and horses. Juan Ponce de León was born into a poor yet noble family in Santervás de Campos, Spain, in He served as a page at the court of Aragon, where he learned social skills, religion and military.

Juan ponce de leon
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